I have been using botox and fillers for some time. I’ve been very happy with Dr Kenningham who was recommended to me by my sister. I’m impressed by her knowledge of facial anatomy and what procedures would give me the best result, even putting Botox in areas I didn’t know you could! Even when I explain to colleagues that I have had such treatments done they cannot believe it as I look so natural and refreshed. I couldn’t be happier.

Diolch/Thank you, see you soon.

Lowri Edwards (43, Rhos)

My frown lines have softened in a natural way, people keep telling me how fresh faced I look. Thanks Dr Kenningham.

Ms J. Morgan (40’s, Ruabon)

I’m really pleased with the result from Botox across my forehead and frown lines. I was anxious that having something "done" would feminize my face. Dr Kenningham explained that Botox injecting techniques were subtly different for men and women. So I had the Botox and I’m very happy with my "manly" forehead. Colleagues have commented I look less stressed and anxious which is important for my customer relations job! I would thoroughly recommend Dr K.

Pete (50’s, Rossett)

I had fillers and Botox injected for the first time. Maeve talked me through the products and answered my burning questions. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. The results are fab. I have a sleepless toddler and it surprises me when I look in the mirror and see how fresh and awake I look (but don’t feel!)

Mrs J (37, Chester area)

Been having Botox and fillers for years. I spend a lot on cosmetics, creams and clothes so am happy to spend on injectables too. I find it gives me the best value for money! You can really see the difference it makes (unlike the creams I’ve used over the years) so if the technology is there why not use it? I’ve had some facial droops and lumpy fillers in my time, but not with Maeve. I’m impressed with her knowledge and expertise and I have 100% confidence in her.

M.G (50’s, Mold)