Are you looking for treatment for your aged hands?

26/04/21Are you looking for treatment for your aged hands?

I have some patients who are bothered by the appearance of their hands. I wonder if it’s because we look at them all the time and the battering we give them.


Here’s an example of what dermal filler treatment can do for slightly aged hands. This lady complained she didn’t like the look of her hands. She thought they looked bony with veins evident. She had stopped wearing rings as she didn’t want to draw attention to them.


We agreed the best course of action would be an injectable filler. She had the biostimulator Ellansé S injected with just 1 needle and a blunt cannula. There are other filler and biostimulator possibilities but this is my go to for results and longevity. It should last her about 18 months. This is a remarkably comfortable procedure and the results can be seen immediately but always improve when biostimulators are used.


The after photo is 8 weeks later. As you can see she was wearing nail varnish and rings again. ???? 


It was not the case here, but some patients are bothered by age spots on their hands and I can treat these with a few modalities; Plasma machine, skin peels and potent prescription creams. Sometimes I use a mixture of all of these to get the best results possible. 


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