Dermal Bio-stimulators

Dermal Bio-stimulator treatment in Chester

Treatment summary

We are the first clinic in the North West/ North Wales to have an ultrasound scan for aesthetic use! All treatment areas will be scanned prior to injection of filler to ensure safety of the patient.


The cost will depend on the complexity of the treatment and the amount of raw product needed, so a quote will be given at the consultation. Injectable services are only available to patients over 18 years of age and only after a detailed medical consultation.

Please see the Price List page for the most up to date pricing.

Most standard and advanced treatment areas are detailed in the image below.

The following bio-stimulators are used in clinic:

What areas can be treated?

Very similar areas to HA fillers, but they cannot be injected into the lips.

Diagram of areas that Dermal Bio-stimulators can be used to treat

Diagram of areas that Dermal Bio-stimulators can be used to treat
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What are bio-stimulators and how do they work?

These are a variety of "filler" like substances that stimulate your body to naturally strengthen your skin as they stimulate your own collagen and elastin and thus add volume, lift and hydration.

The bio-degradable substances have been used in medical practice for years so have a fantastic safety record. Your body eliminates them, in most cases, as carbon dioxide and water over time.

When can I see the effects?

Immediately, but then they "vanish" for a while. By 3 or 4 months they will have stimulated your skin enough to show a natural lifted and hydrated appearance.

Is it painful to have these injections?

Not really, I use cannulas where possible. These are hollow tubes that are inserted into the skin through a hole (made by a needle). This blunt tube is then guided under the surface of the skin depositing filler along the way.

These are more comfortable than having repeated needle injections and are generally safer than needles, as they glide around vessels in the face. I often also use numbing cream, injectable local anaesthetic and/or ice to make things more comfortable for you. So the procedure is remarkably well tolerated.

How long does the cosmetic effect last?

These can last anywhere between 6-25 months. They depend on your lifestyle and their manufactured programming for their longevity. Some of these are very intelligent next generation fillers.

Do I need to keep having injections?

No, but most patients want to keep on a maintenance regime as they are so happy about how they look. However, as your natural ageing process continues, your filler will be absorbed and you will return to how you looked before.

You will be advised when to have your top ups, in a cost effective way, to maintain your fresh appearance.

Are there any risks involved with bio-stimulators?

Unfortunately yes, but this is often because the wrong type of filler has been injected into the wrong place and by the wrong person. There is an injectable enzyme that can dissolve only HA bio-stimulators (hyaluronidase), but this can only be kept as stock by someone who can prescribe medications, eg: a doctor/dentist. Unfortunately the others are not dissolveable.

The benefits of filler treatments can be life enriching. However, did you know it is legal for unqualified people to inject fillers into your face if you have given permission to do so? This is where things go wrong and nightmare stories appear in the press.

What should I do before the procedure?

There are no real precautions. However if you want to minimize the chance of bruising you could stop alcohol, vitamin E supplements, aspirin (if it is safe to do) and other anti inflammatories (eg: ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac) 3 days before the procedure.

Please postpone your appointment if you have an infection.

Is there any aftercare advice?

Yes there is. You will be given written information about this when you attend for a consultation.

Please refrain from makeup application for 12 hours. Avoid vigorous exercise and extremes of temperature for 3 days after your treatment. Bruising can last 5-10 days (depending on where has been injected), so do not have this done less than 2 weeks before a big event or a holiday away.

If Sculptra is injected, you will have to massage the area daily for 2 weeks after the treatment.

Who is it not suitable for?

It is not suitable for patients under 18 years of age or those ladies who are pregnant or breast-feeding and certain unusual medical conditions.

You will need a detailed consultation if you have permanent facial implants as sometimes filler cannot be used on top of certain prosthetics.

General details of each of the semi-permanent bio-stimulators available


This is a HA bio-stimulator. This is like an "injectable moisturiser" as it hydrates and boosts the natural collagen and elastin in the skin. A course of treatment is 2 sessions, 4 weeks apart. Top ups are then every 4-6 months.

This is a skin quality treatment for bounce, plumpness and elasticity. Great for the face, neck, backs of hands and décolleté (upper chest area).


This semi-permanent bio-stimulator has tiny particles (PLA) in a gel. The maximum results are seen at 4-6 months and last between 12-48 months. These tiny spheres degrade into water and carbon dioxide in the skin and it has a great safety record. This product is great at rejuvenating the skin’s texture to give plumpness, glow and radiance.


This is another semi-permanent bio-stimulator that contains tiny particles (CaHA) in a gel and it degrades naturally over time. This can last 12-18 months.


Sculptra is one of the oldest semi-permanent bio-stimulators we have. This too, is made from tiny particles (this time PLLA) in water that gets absorbed within a few days. However you MUST massage the face 5 times a day for 5 minutes, for 15 days. It can last 18-24 months.

Permanent fillers

Permanent fillers, such as silicone, have high risks of problems and rejection reactions (like that seen in certain celebrities). I don’t use permanent fillers in my clinic.

Photo gallery

The results below were obtained in my clinic but your results may vary, as facial anatomy varies between patients.

Before and after photo of dermal bio-stimulators in Wrexham
Before and after photo of dermal bio-stimulators in Chester


I have been attending Dr K’s clinic now for a couple of years now and have always been delighted with the results. I underwent consultations with a number of practitioners and chose Dr K’s clinic because I felt comfortable with Maeve’s fresh and natural results with her treatments.

Maeve recommended Ellanse which was a product I had never considered before. This works really well for me and has long lasting results in my cheeks and on my jawline. More recently I have had my tear troughs filled at the clinic and this has had a dramatic effect on reducing the dark circles under my eyes. I really can’t praise Dr K’s clinic enough, not only for the approach to treatment but also for the aftercare.

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