Terms & Conditions

Booking & cancellation policy

Bookings are made on a first come first-served basis.

When booking a consultation, it is usual to pay a consultation fee of £50. This is refundable if the appointment is cancelled more than 48hrs before the scheduled slot. This fee is also refunded if you have an injectable treatment within 12 weeks otherwise it is retained. Please note, this fee is for a consultation, the outcome may be that the doctor will detail why you may be unsuitable for treatment at the clinic. You will not be entitled to a refund. This payment can be made over the phone, by direct bank transfer or by booking online.

If there is a delay in making a deposit payment, your appointment slot may be allocated to somebody else. A booking will not be held for you without a deposit payment. Late arrivals may not receive a treatment as other patients will be inconvenienced by your delay. Your consultation fee will be retained.

During your consultation we will both decide if and what aesthetic treatments will work best in your case. We can either set a treatment date or depending on clinical assessment, treatment may be offered on the same day.

If you are bringing young children to the clinic, please ensure that there is a supervising adult with them at all times, as staff cannot supervise them. Children cannot be taken into treatment rooms.

It is important that you provide your medical history as this information may be critical to the suitability of medical procedures. There will be no liability from Dr K’s Clinic if injury results from non disclosure or failure to follow pre or post treatment care.

Please note that the emergency number given after treatment should be used in emergencies only, for example urgent aftercare advice if there is any severe pain experienced. The emergency line is not to be used to re-arrange bookings or ask generic questions please refer to the booking information leaflet and post treatment care.

For any treatment bookings you are not permitted to consume alcohol 12 hours before your appointment. If you have consumed alcohol you must alert the Doctor as it may not be safe to have a procedure.To minimise bruising it is best not to have had alcohol 48 hours before your treatment.

If you are planning to fly within a fortnight of your treatment, please raise this with the booking coordinators so they can check with the doctor if this is a problem.

Please make sure you have read the booking information when booking online. If you have booked a review slot there will not be time to administer another treatment. Please contact Dr K’s Clinic about this and we will do our best to accommodate a longer slot. Unfortunately if not enough time is allocated you will have to attend at another time.

Any missed reviews that were not cancelled at least 48 hours before the appointment will result in a £50 fine being applied to the next treatment booked with Dr K’s Clinic.

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