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There are more details in the treatment sections of the website. Please have a consultation for an assessment and treatment plan specific to your requirements. Have a look at the clinic Google/Realself reviews and read what patients had to say about their experience at Dr K’s.

Not sure what treatment you need to think about?

When you attend your first consultation Dr Maeve will gently guide you through the options on what will work best for you.

If you’d like to do some research yourself, here’s a helpful face map for both men and women to show facial concerns and treatment options that help.

Toxin (Botox, Azzalure, Bocouture)

A standard treatment area is one of the following: frown lines between the brows, forehead lines or set of crows feet.


This requires a fee that is refundable if an injectable treatment (listed below) or a peel is carried out within 12 weeks. Otherwise this is retained as a consultation fee. The purpose of the consultation is to let Dr Maeve advise you as to what procedure/s will deliver the best results for you. Procedural date/s and post procedural care will also be discussed at this time. Do not assume all practitioners are expertly trained to deliver tasteful and natural results. 


Often termed Botox. This is a prescription only medicine and is only prescribed if appropriate for you. When injected by an experienced and artistic doctor, this treatment can deliver delightful natural, fresh faced and lifted results. All types of toxin is used: AZZALURE, ALLUZIENCE, BOTOX, BOCOUTURE etc

From £185

1 area

From £185

Advanced lower areas of the face
ie. Nefititi neck lift, jawline slimming, jawline lift, chin pebbling, downturn mouth, smoker's lip lines, the toxin "lip flip" etc..

From £185

2 areas

From £260

3 areas

From £330

Toxin can be used to treat excessive sweating especially for men. It can also be helpful for those who suffer menopausal sweating of the forehead, brows, top lip etc.. 

From £400

Toxin for the full face and neck. Yes the standard 3 areas in the upper face can give nice results, but add in strategic toxin to the lower face and you can reduce smoker's lip lines, lift the jowl, create a heart shaped female face, sharpen the jawline, lift a down turn mouth, create chin definition and reduce neck bands. 

From £810

HA Fillers (All medical grade varieties used, all advanced areas injected and all ultrasound assisted treatments by a medical doctor)

Ultrasound is performed to guide treatment and avoid complications like vascular occlusions. Artistic rejuvenation and tasteful enhancements are achieved with a sprinkling of filler where it's needed to create a harmonious and "not filled" look. Do not assume all practitioners are expertly trained to deliver the same tasteful results.  (A toddler and a professional artist may be given the same paint brush, paints and canvas but their finished paintings will look very different)

A 30 year old may require 5 syringes (1 teaspoon) to address a tired look. A 50 year old may look their best with 2 or 3 teaspoons of filler.

Only high quality brands are used with lots of medical data indicating safety and providence. Products used: Restylane, Teosyl, Maili, Belotero, Revanesse.

All advanced areas treated including:
Tear trough hollowing, above eye hollowing, nose reshaping

From £350

Aesthetic complication management including ultrasound assisted dissolving service for previous HA filler elsewhere:

Please note- even though Dr Maeve is an expert, she may not be able to help you as not all complications can be remedied. Please contact or email reception detailing your problem. Previous injector notes will be required. Please consider these risks when choosing an injector in the first instance.

From £500. Remedial work procedural fees will be discussed at the consultation. 

An 8 point face lift and full face rejuvenations undertaken. 

See Dr K's Lift below for a procedural estimate of a full face rejuvenation. More accurate estimate for a FFR given after a consultation 

From £1050

All standard areas treated including:
Hydration of lips, cheek plumping, temple contouring, jawline sculpting, neck tighten, chest wall rejuvenation, hands plumped. 1 syringe:

From £300


Biostimulator treatments are only performed after a medical assessment. Ultrasound is used to guide treatment and avoid complications. These products stimulate your skin to produce structural scaffolding and radiance to the skin. This will be discussed at your consultation.

PROFHILO: (Face, neck, décolleté, hands). A 2 or 3 session course will be required initially thereafter maintenance are 6 monthly 1 session top ups 

From £325 (2ml). 2 session course £600

From £425 (3ml). 2 session course £800

ELLANSÉ S & M (See treatment page)
Full face rejuvenation

From £325 (S)

From £400 (M)

Full face treatment usually starts from £1,300

POLYNUCLEOTIDES like Plenhyage, Nucleofill, Plinest, Newest.

See blog for details of Polynucleotides and how they work. These are the newest cutting edge technology that are great for treating under eye concerns. A courses of 2-4 treatments are recommended

From £350. 


Great for the jawline. Used as a hyperdilute wash to rejuvenate and tighten the neck.

From £400


Great for those who have hollowness of the cheeks and temples

From £425 (£800 for 2 vial sitting. £300 deposit per vial)

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin. Your blood is taken, spun in a centrifuge so growth factors are concentrated and re injected into the skin. Good for skin conditioning and hair growth. Courses of 3 and above are required

From £350

EXOSOMES. The latest in regenerative aesthetics. ExCoBio etc.. These high quality Exosomes are administered alongside a microneedling treatment (included in price)

From £450

The DERMALUX LED phototherapy (also known as photobiomodulation) lamp emits Blue, Red and Infrared (NOT UVA/UVB) light that targets your cells to trigger a cascade of biostimulatory responses. It's scientifically proven to improve skin function and appearance. Great as a bolt on to PRF, polynucleotides, RF microneedling and peels

From £50

Medical grade peels and skincare

Particular peels and skincare products are chosen for your skin type and vary with depth and the degree of acceptable peeling. These range from no peeling to very light sloughing. These are only undertaken after an assessment to determine the specific ingredients needed for your skin.

From £150


A bespoke treatment only available in Dr K's Clinic. A specific peel chosen for your skin type, followed by microneedling, followed by specific meso and finished with DERMALUX LED. Bespoke homecare with pHformula to improve results is often advised. Courses of 2-6 are recommended 

From £350

The Perfect Peel

This astonishing peel can only be carried out by medical professionals because of the depth in the skin it reaches. Expect to peel from day 3-6.

This is a combination of Phenol, TCA, Salicylic acid, Retinoic acid, Glutathione and minerals. Aftercare pack is given to enhance results. 

From £350

Peel courses and skin bio stimulation packages available.


1 to 4 sessions may be needed for under chin heaviness and only undertaken after an assessment.

Aqualyx for the body is not administered in this clinic

From £350

Microneedling & Mesotherapy


This is microneedling supercharged! Using one of the best devices but only after a medical assessment is performed. A specific peel and mesotherapy will be chosen suited to your needs, see below. Package of 3 sessions recommended and can include face, neck and decollete.



1 area/session: From £500

Additional areas: From +£75 

3 session face package : From £1400

A course of 4 microneedling sessions with world renowned SKINPEN. One of the best devices for quality and results. With specific Mesotherapy suited to your needs eg: mesobotox for glass skin/ flushed/ oily skin, polynucleotides for inflammed skin, Sunekos for dehydrated skin. This will be discussed at your consultation. 

From £1200

A single treatment session of SkinPen for the face with bespoke mesotherapy. There is the option to add on LED phototherapy. 

From £350


World renowned PDO threads MINT are used. Known in medical fields for safety, results and longevity. Only performed after a detailed consultation.

Jowl reductions, nasolabial and marionette fold treatments

From £950

Neck lifts

From £950


Skin tag/ seborrhoeic wart removal

From £150


Please ask about the details of these fantastic cost effective and holistic treatment packages in clinic.

These are why surgical face lifts are becoming outdated. Holistic treatment packages often include potent home skin care, skin resurfacing treatments, toxin, fillers, threadlifts, under chin fat dissolving etc. It's the combined modalities that create the best and longest lasting results. Bespoke packages created to reflect a natural and fresher look. Do not assume all practitioners are expertly trained to deliver the same tasteful results. 


Level 1 lift (usual treatment plan for 20-35 years olds)

Level 2 lift (more for those aged 35-50 years old)

Level 3 lift (depending on aesthetic desires for outcomes or those aged 50 and above)

From £1,000

From £2,000

From £3,000



Strengthening masculine features like chiselled cheek bones, jawlines and chins. 

From £2,000

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