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Here is a summary of what you might be seeing. Can you identify with the ageing process depicted in this image?

Let me outline what your possible concerns may be what may be offered to help fix them. Please see the treatments section for more information on the specific details of the treatments. Please be aware treatments like Botox (toxin) are a prescription only medication and will only be offered if the doctor feels it is appropriate.

Stages of female aging

Dull, sun damaged, oily skin: I use a wide range of medical grade peels, medical grade creams and injectable therapies that help with these issues. Peels, skin care, microneedling and mesotherapy are cost effective ways of improving your skin health.

Patchy pigmentation of the face: This is usually caused by the sun’s radiation. I only use creams and peels that have robust medical evidence, which work to reduce pigmentation. The plasma machine can help, as can wearing sun cream (SPF) all year-round.

Active Acne: Your GP can give you very effective prescription only treatments for this skin condition. I offer extra help with skin peels and medical grade creams to supplement your GP’s treatment.

Acne scarring: I use a mixture of HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers, bio-stimulators, peels, microneedling and medical grade creams to reduce the appearance of these scars.

Acne Rosacea: This is characterized by redness, flushing and spots on the nose and cheeks. Your GP can give you very effective prescription only treatments for this skin condition. I offer extra help with skin peels and medical grade creams to supplement your GP’s treatment.

Saggy upper and lower eyelids: I use the plasma machine to tighten the skin. Toxin, HA fillers, bio-stimulators and threads can give a lovely eyebrow lift.

Marked lines of the forehead, frown area (an angry resting frown) and/or crow’s-feet: The gold standard here is the use of toxin. This is a very popular choice and for good reason, as they can minimize lines in these areas. If you want a freshen up and to still retain a good level of movement then Baby Botox might be for you. This is popular with Hollywood actresses as they like to retain some movements of facial expression. HA fillers and bio-stimulators can be used when injected in these areas but only by a medical expert. The plasma machine can be useful for minimizing crow’s-feet.

Hollowness in the temples: Hollowness in the temples can give the appearance of an aged and gaunt face. Have a look at an aged older lady, slim ones almost always have hollow gaunt temples. Young adults have fullness in the temples. HA fillers or bio-stimulators can plump out the temples. These treatments also have the bonus of creating an eyebrow lift.

Hollowness under the eyes (tear trough): HA filler under the eyes can reduce dark circles and make the face more radiant. However this is a technically challenging treatment. I may advise filler in the cheek area to ‘prop up’ the structures around the eyes before treating the tear trough itself. Sometimes baggy eyes can be disguised with HA filler but sometimes not. I will tell you honestly if you should consider surgery as an option. I can recommend a local colleague who is an expert in surgical blepharoplasties.

A crooked nose: HA fillers or bio-stimulators can make the nose appear smaller and straighter. This is a great treatment that gives you an attractive profile. I know this may sound impossible, but please take a look in my gallery for just a few examples of my results. However, this is a technically treacherous area to inject, choose your practitioner wisely.

Hollow and sunken cheeks: These can be treated with HA fillers or bio-stimulators to create a feminine appearance to the cheek bone or a youthful fullness to the front of the cheek.

Etched naso-labial folds (the lines from the nose to corner of the mouth): These are often the result of lost cheek volume (due to age related depletion of bone and fat) causing the face to sag. The upper face often needs attention as well as the folds themselves. HA fillers, bio-stimulators and threads are used to help with these areas. Treatments here can really beautify the face and add instant youthfulness.

Etched marionette lines (the lines from the corners of lips to the jowls): If these are deep they can create the appearance of a permanent frown. See the description above as the causes and treatment options are similar to those used for naso-labial folds. Sometimes toxin can also be helpful in lifting a down turned mouth.

Gummy smile: Does it bother you that when you smile your upper gum is on display? This is easily treated with toxin. Alternatively, for a longer lasting solution, HA fillers can also be very effective.

Dehydrated and thin lips: This can be treated with HA fillers. Sometimes I add toxin to my lip treatments to give an enhanced result. You can get a natural replenished look or a pouty one. This is a popular treatment. It often amazes me what a refreshed lip can do to brighten the whole face. Bring an image of the lip shape you would like or you had when you were younger, for reference.

Perioral lines (the vertical lines above and through the top and bottom lips): The face can look haggard when the top lip looses its fat pad resulting in ‘smokers lines’ even in non-smokers. I am an expert at avoiding the ‘done’ or ‘duck’ appearance with HA fillers with or without toxin. The plasma machine can also be very effective here.

Jowling and sagging under the chin: Please see the description of naso-labial and marionette lines as jowls appear for the same reasons. A more defined jawline can be achieved with HA fillers, bio-stimulators, threads and Aqulayx (double chin reduction). This treatment creates a visual separation of the face from the neck and can really add youthfulness to the jawline.

Dimpled, creased or prominent chin: This is the result of an over active the chin muscle. Toxin, HA filler and bio-stimulators can address this. If you are bothered by a prominent chin, this can be visually minimized by clever placement of HA filler or bio-stimulator elsewhere in the face.

Squared angle of the jaw: Do you feel your jaw is too square for your face? This is often the result of teeth grinding. This can be softened with toxin to the jawline and reduce discomfort from the grinding.

Nefertiti neck lift: Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian queen, famed for her beautiful long neck. Expert placement of toxin in the neck can help achieve an elegant long neck look.

Vertical neck bands: These are the bands that are obvious when you do sit ups but can be there even at rest. Again, toxin in this area can be very effective.

Horizontal neck folds, an aged neck and creased upper chest area (décolleté): Profhilo and Ellansé are bio-stimulators that work very well to rejuvenate these areas. This can give you the confidence to start wearing low t-shirts and sweaters again.

Floppy and puckered earlobes: These can be remedied with HA filler, so you can wear your earrings again.

Aged hands: Pigmented, veiny and boney looking hands can be ageing. I often use bio-stimulators for the hands as they give fantastic results that can last 18 months. Peels and medical grade skin care can help with the pigmentation.

Excessive sweating: This can afflict the scalp, forehead, brow, top lip, under arms and palms of the hands. The most common area that bothers people is armpit sweating. Toxin here can reduce sweat production for 6-12 months. This treatment can be available on the NHS through a GP referral, if it is disabling. Unfortunately treatment on the NHS often involves long waits and there are strict criteria for who is eligible. A private doctor may find you suitable for this great treatment if it is indicated and other treatments haven’t helped.

The "Dr K’s Lift"

Middle aged lady in Chester

This is a unique service tailored to address your particular concerns in a cost effective way. The chosen treatments are usually given in 1, 2 or 3 sessions over 6-12 weeks.

These packages are often termed The Liquid Facelift. They cost less than a surgical face-lift, have minimal, if any, bruising or swelling and have fewer medical risks. The results are impressive as it adds lift, hydration and radiance to the face whereas a surgical face-lift simply pulls back floppy skin (with the telltale stitches, bruising and swelling). Non-surgical treatments are the reason why conventional facelifts are becoming outdated.

Level 1 lift

This package involves a myriad of treatments that give you great value for money. This is the entry level lift and probably most suitable for the 30-40 year old. We could lift the cheeks and hydrate the lips. We target what will give you the most ‘bang for your buck’.

Level 2 lift

This is a larger package but again it offers you great value for money. As this involves a few more syringes of filler, one can create more lift to the face, again without the tell tale signs of having had work done. This is more suitable for the 40-50 year old.

Level 3 lift

This is a fantastic package that tackles all the troubles of the aged face. Having this package really allows a softer fresh face to emerge. Probably more suited the 50-60 year old group. You may require this package if you have had a lot of sun damage, been a heavy smoker, have lost a lot of weight or have had a period of illness. All these take an added toll to your face.

Photo gallery

The results below were obtained in my clinic but your results may vary, as facial anatomy varies between patients.

Before and after photo of liquid facelift
Before and after photo of liquid facelift

What my patients say

I am thrilled with the results of the facial fillers I have had from Dr Kenningham. The results for me are so good, I feel more confident in myself. In fact my husband remarked how well I was looking,unaware he is the one that has paid for my new face! Louise.
Louise Taylor

I have been going to Dr K for nearly three years now. At my first appointment I was filled with anxiety and a little bit of embarrassment, Dr K offered reassurances and really took time to understand what I was hoping to achieve. I am happy with the results. If you are looking for an honest, caring and trustworthy professional then I recommend Dr K.
Donna Cartwright

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