Aqualyx (Double Chin Reduction)

Aqualyx (Double
Chin Reduction)

Get rid of a double chin with the use of an injectable enzyme. Reduces fullness under the chin and creates jawline definition.

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Dermal Bio-stimulators


These injectable treatments are made from biodegradable products that stimulate your skin to regenerate itself.

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Dermal HA Fillers

Dermal HA

These injectable gel-like treatments are used to lift, volumise and hydrate the skin immediately.

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Medical Grade Peels

Medical Grade

These are scientifically proven treatments that deliver improved skin health, reduce pigmentation and signs of aging.

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Medical Grade Skin Care

Medical Grade
Skin Care

Forget expensive beauty counter creams that don’t work. Instead purchase topical therapies that don’t break the bank, actually work and smell nice too!

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Medical Microneedling & Mesotherapy

& Mesotherapy

Medical Microneedling is a way of releasing natural growth factors that strengthen skin. Mesotherapy can deliver the micronutrients needed so the skin can repair itself.

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Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Biodegradable threads are inserted to reposition the skin, often very helpful for jowling.

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Plasma Machine


This sublimates the skin using an electrical current. Tighter and blemish free skin results when your skin repairs itself.

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Wrinkle Treatment (Botulinum Toxin)

Wrinkle Treatment
(Botulinum Toxin)

This is a prescription only treatment that can be injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles. It takes 2 weeks to work.

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