Bothered by these lines, folds and jowls?

23/09/20Bothered by these lines, folds and jowls?

Here’s the link to my YouTube video that explains why we get them and what I use to treat them.

I use a mixture of HA fillers, bio-stimulator fillers and threads to treat the nasolabial, marionette and jowl areas. Sometimes toxin (Botox) can also be helpful to lift a down turned mouth. 

Why do nasolabial lines, marionette folds and jowling occur?

As we age the bones of our faces change. They have less projection and volume than in our youth. Our deep fat pads, which do not change with weight loss or gain, also become progressively depleted over time. This means the scaffolding no longer holds the soft tissues in place, so the overlaying structures ‘crumple’ and easily ‘slide’ down the face. It is this descent that creates deep nasolabial lines, marionette folds and jowling. 

Why not just ‘fill’ the lines?

The worst thing to do is to fill in these deep lines and folds with filler as this creates a heavy squared or muzzled appearance. This does not flatter the female face. One has to assess the face in its entirety and try to retain the inverted triangular shape that is associated with youth. One must look at the upper and outer aspect of the face (temples, mid cheek, angle of the jaw) as this is where most of the bone and deep fat pad absorption has occurred over time. It is here that needs volume replacement and adjustment first before the central aspect of the face is considered.

I just want one syringe of filler!

It’s important to appreciate that when we reach out mid twenties we lose around 1-2 mls of volume from our faces every decade. This means people in their 50s will have lost at least a teaspoon of volume (5 syringes of filler) during the ageing process. Therefore you may require at least 5 syringes of fillers/bio-stimulators to specific areas of the face to make an impact on your nasolabial lines, marionette folds and jowls. If you have always been slim or have lost weight you may need more volume replacement. If you are a little overweight, one has to be very judiscious in the placement of filler but it is fascinating to see how, by adding filler volume, one can visually slim the face! 

Can’t you just pull this bit up with a thread?

Threads, often 6 per side, can be useful to reposition the structures that have moved down the face. These are helpful as I will then require less fillers to replace the lost volume.

It is this understanding of the ageing process and the intelligent use of certain treatment modalities that results in the instant beautification and holistic rejuvenation to a face. 

Please see the treatment sections on my website for more details of HA fillers, biostimulators and threads.

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