Could I be resistant to botox?

18/04/24Could I be resistant to botox?

Q: Is botulinum toxin immunity a “thing”?

A: Yes it is, but it’s pretty rare. 

In 28 years of clinical medicine and a large chunk of that in aesthetic medicine, I have yet to see it. Please remember this prescription medicine is used in large quantities for lots of clinical indications not just aesthetics, so if I’ve not had a patient with it, it’s pretty rare- but unfortunately not impossible (it’s in the literature). 

I’ve lost count of the number of upset patients who have been told by multiple injectors (medical and non-medical) they have immunity to this drug. They have found me to ask for help and whether there is anything I can do to help.

Time and time again I have found that with the right product dilution, targeting the right muscle fibres, injecting at the right depth and using the correct amount of product, I get a very happy patient (like this one from years ago), but I’ve had a recent surge of these patients.

What other practitioners are doing wrong, I really don’t know. 

It is up to every injector to get better at this, if you don’t know, read the journals, read the scientific papers, and if you can’t find the answer, then read it all again..

Injectable aesthetics is medicine. It’s robustly scientific and heavily researched. 

A word of advice to patients: Just make sure you choose to see someone who knows what they are doing. And just because they’ve been doing it for years doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. Just because they have a medical background doesn’t mean they know aesthetics or cosmetic dermatology. They may do, but please just ask for the evidence. I wouldn’t go to a paediatric nurse if I needed a smear taken. I just wouldn't. So why go to a medic who has specialised in something totally unrelated to aesthetics, plastic surgery or dermatology? 

Those injectors who get simple things wrong and who don’t understand the fundamentals need to read more. If they can’t be bothered, they need to move out of this space and do something that they love enough to put some more effort in.

As a patient you need to be picky, do your research and choose the right injector from the start.

Happy patient=happy doctor.


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