Dark pigmented lesions on the face

24/01/23Dark pigmented lesions on the face
This lentigo made this lovely lady very self conscious. Homecare to stabilise her melanin and 1 blast from my tuneable plasma machine was enough to make it vanish! Injected local anaesthetic is needed to make this treatment comfortable. Bear in mind the lesion can look pink for a few weeks before it becomes skin coloured.
The treatment options for pigmentation depends on where in the skin the pigment is. The more superficial it is, the easier and quicker it is to treat. So ask your doctor to ascertain where the pigment is, but treatment options include :
At home skincare including prescriptions
In clinic resurfacing (No peel peels)
In clinic micro-needling 
Radio Frequency micro-needling
Plasma machine
Intense Pulsed Light Therapy ( link here for neighbouring Dr Teri Johnson's laser and IPL solutions : Dr Johnson IPL/Laser at Cheshire Lasers
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