Jawline improvements and what treatments help.

22/11/20Jawline improvements and what treatments help.

Requests to improve the jawline are common in my clinic. I get enquiries from Chester and all over North Wales asking me what treatment is best for this area.

Click here to go to my YouTube channel where there is a video of my lovely patient explaining her experience of having her jawline treatment in my clinic here in Burton, near Rossett.

When I assess my patient's jawline I look at 3 aspects:

1- Is there a structural issue that needs improving? For example in an older patient it may be that the jaw bone has shortened over the years and needs lengthening with some structural support. This is when I consider dermal fillers. When fillers are placed just touching the bone they provide support to the overlaying soft tissues. This often looks like your bone structure is young and the jawbone is tall and straight.

It may be that the chin was underdeveloped and that's usually because of genetics, but not always. This then allows fullness to appear in the under chin area and around the jawline. Again this can be tweaked with dermal filler.

2- Is the skin elastic? For example in older patients the skin may have lost elasticity and it may need some tightening and strengthening. This is when I consider medical grade skin peels, topical treatments like cosmeceuticals, radiofrequency micro-needling and PDO threads. PDO threads can reposition sagging skin and take around 12 weeks to tighten the skin. The effects can last from 12-18 months. Botox can sometimes lessen the tension in the depressor muscles of the lower face that pull the facial features south. When the depressors of the face are relaxed by Botox, the elevators of the face work in an unopposed manner and thus allow lift to the corners of the mouth and sometimes in the jawline. I've even seen cheeks appear more youthful with a small dose of Botox. However results from lower face Botox can be subtle but great as another tool to lift the jawline. 

3- Are there fat pads under the chin that are obscuring the jawline? Treatments for double chin and jowling of the jawline can be treated with fat dissolving treatments like Aqualyx, Deso face and Kybella. These treatments permanently get rid of fat in that area. These substances mimic what we make naturally in our gall bladder, deoxycholic acid, which can breakdown fat cells in our food. When this is injected into our fat layer in our skin, the fat cells die and are flushed away by our lymph system. There is often 7-10 days of swelling and the result is noted about 5-6 weeks later.

However, one may need a mixture of 2 or 3 treatment modalities to get the jawline more defined. It depends on your aesthetic goals.

A multi- modality approach is sometimes needed and treatment options include:

Botox (Azzalure) in the jawline and or neck to relax the platysma muscles of the neck. This can create a lifting effect along the jawline

Dermal fillers to project the tissue and create angles. In particular Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxyapetite) is very effective in the jawline but in my opinion needs to be done with ultrasound guidance.

PDO threads especially Cog threadlifts but mono threads under the chin are helpful to tighten tissue

Radio frequency micro-needling. This device uses small sharp needles in a stamping manner to create micro-trauma that then stimulates tightening of the skin. The radio frequency is discharged from the tip of the needles when in the tissue which then creates a thermal trauma which in turn escalates the skin tightening mechanism but can also melt the superficial fat in that area

Aqualyx. An injectable treatment that destroys the fat cells for good, a very effective and cost effective option.

Devices that freeze the fat tissues and some that heat the fat tissue and this helps to empty the fat cells of their content. Neighbouring clinic Cheshire Lasers have Radiofrequency devices for jawline sculpting. Click link here : Jawline shaper

Surgical procedures such as liposuction or neck lifts. Click on the link here for more information: Necklift surgical procedures


If you’d like an appointment with me, and you live less than 2 hours away, it’s better to see me in person for a 45-50 mins comprehensive assessment, as it’s helpful to touch and feel your tissue to see what treatment combinations will work best.

Those patients who live 3-4 hours away often want an online zoom consultation for an assessment. If they are treated with HA fillers or bio stimulating fillers, I ask that they stay locally for 3 days in case of rare adverse events. My online booking system is currently disabled and I’m only taking bookings through my personal assistant Lisa. See the details below.

Our normal working days are: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays and once a month Mondays. 

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Kenningham or view availability please click : https://www.drkenningham.co.uk/contact-me/#appointments 


I hope I can help you. Have a look at my other blogs for more information on common aesthetic concerns and non-surgical treatment options.

Best wishes,

Dr Maeve Kenningham

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