Regenerative Aesthetics

16/04/23Regenerative Aesthetics

Regenerative medicine is the new buzzword in all branches of medicine and particularly so in aesthetics. Simply put, it is a way of capturing your own body’s ability to repair and regenerate skin. In doing so, it can restore impaired function from any cause including ageing. Ageing may be a “natural” process but it is a destructive force that in my opinion warrants a mixture of prevention and restoration to protect against its effects.

For example, in the face ageing causes the bones in the skull to shrink and for orifices to enlarge. Tissues change like the depletion of deep fat pads, no matter what your weight is doing. Overall this results in a misshapen “draping” of soft tissues and skin seen as sag of the older face. The skin loses its barrier function, thins and loses its elasticity, resulting in increased risk of dermatological diseases and malignancy. Then there is the psychological consequences of an ageing appearance and loss of recognition of oneself. Ageing really is a destructive force. 

However, there are interventions that can stimulate cell to cell communication that signal rejuvenation and repair. Some treatments are more potent in their repair than others. However, a combination approach often reveals the best results. One must consider your age and the length of time both extrinsic (UV, pollution, lifestyle) and intrinsic ageing has been impacting on your tissues. It often takes several treatment rounds to improve the skin. Once the desired result is reached unfortunately it doesn’t last forever, that’s because your tissues will continue to age. You can however minimise the effects of ageing on your tissues by continuing to invest in regenerative aesthetics, eating well, exercising regularly, minimising alcohol and sugar consumption and avoiding air pollution and smoking. 

There are ways you can incorporate Regenerative Aesthetics into your self-care and good ageing arsenal no matter what your aesthetic concern. Here are some examples below:

  1. Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) or Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are often delivered like mesotherapy. Your own blood is centrifuged so it is concentrated and then the growth factors are extracted and injected into the area that needs restoration. This is totally natural without any foreign substances.
  2. Polynucleotides (PNs) eg Nucleofill and Plenhyage. PNs are the components of DNA and RNA. When injected into the skin they create a favourable environment and allow the stimulation of stem cells to promote fibroblasts in turn producing collagen, elastin and your own HA and thus tighter fresher skin. A great treatment to improve the skin tone. It also reduces irregular pigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging.  It can also be used to “prime” the tissues and thus make other aesthetic treatments more effective. 
  3. Exosomes (EVs). These are the “new kids on the regenerative block” and seem to have an exciting body of medical evidence on how they are creating cell to cell transmission of tissue rejuvenation at multiple levels. When introduced to the skin it attracts lots of growth cells to stimulate wherever your local tissues need it. To simplify matters PRF is like spreading a net out and collecting the fish (growth factors GF) nearby, whereas an Exosome treatment is like putting bait into a lake and attracting the fish into the area. Then these GFs get to work on your tissues creating repair, rejuvenation and soothing mechanisms. This translates into fresh skin with less lines, less inflammation and less pigmentation.
  4. Stem Cell conditioned media. In this clinic we use Calecim. This product is derived from ethically sourced Red Deer umbilical cord lining. The stem cells are cultured in a medium and then all the cells are removed. What remains is an "orchestra" of Exosomes, signalling proteins, cytokines, growth factors that work in harmony to rejuvenate the skin especially after procedures such as micro-needling and radio frequency micro-needling. There are also products in this range that give fantastic hair regeneration results.

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