Dermal Roller

"When Angelina Jolie attended the Cannes film festival this year she caused a boards buzzed about her radiant skin...Grazia claimed to have the inside scoop - dermal rolling"
- The Los Angeles Times

What is it?

Chester dermal roller treatment

A dermal roller is a device that makes tiny punctures to the skin. Dr Kenningham only uses medical grade dermal rollers. These are long enough to get to the lower skin layers where collagen production is stimulated (the dermis). A lot of beauty salons offer dermal rolling, but the shorter roller is often used, this has limited rejuvenation ability and so produces less dramatic effects.

This is a safe, simple and virtually pain free treatment (if quality products are used). Cheaper alternatives can cause tearing of the skin and can worsen certain skin conditions.

What does it treat?

Fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and sun-damage. It can also be effective for stretch marks, cellulite and areas of vitiligo (patches of white on the skin).

How does it work?

Skin needling is the cheaper alternative to laser therapy and for some gives comparable results. It is well known to the medical profession that needling to the dermis (the deeper layer of the skin) stimulates the body’s natural ability to repair itself by riding itself of damaged cells and creating more collagen and elastin. These structures are lost and damaged over time. Replacing them results in smoother, firmer and more resilient skin.

How many sessions do I need?

A course of 3 sessions, 6 weeks apart are recommended for most skin concerns. Your skin will appear more radiant and refreshed. It can take up to six weeks before visible signs of regeneration are seen.

How long will the results last?

This process of regeneration continues over the following months, providing you with a natural and long lasting enhancement that is permanent. The use of a dermal roller for fine lines and wrinkles will improve the skin, however it will not stop natural skin ageing and new lines forming over time. However there is no limit on the number of times you can have this procedure in your lifetime.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Dermal roller treatment in Wrexham

A prescription only numbing cream will be applied and after 30 minutes the device is rolled over the area to be treated (face, neck, décolletage, hands, thighs, tummy). This usually takes 20 minutes. A nourishing serum is applied after and sun protection cream is given for after care.

What will I look like immediately after the treatment?

You will have redness like a moderate sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. This will start to subside after 1 to 2 hours with only slight redness the following day. It is advisable not to wear makeup for 12 hours after the procedure.

Prices per treatment area:

(3 sessions recommended 6 weeks apart)
1st session £175, 2nd session £150 and final session £125

Making a booking

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How do I book an appointment?

Simply contact us. Appointments at our clinic for Wrexham and Chester patients are available on a Tuesday between 8.30am and 5.30pm. Alternative times may be possible.

How do I pay?

Cash, cheque and BACs are preferable. If cards are used a surcharge of 5% is added. Please allow 2 weeks for cheques to have cleared before procedure is performed.