Subtle lip enhancement

09/05/21Subtle lip enhancement

Technically challenging lips are the most rewarding to repair! 

This lovely lady was so fed up with her lips that she had comfort hiding behind her mask. The thought of coming out of lockdown and removing her Covid mask in public filled her with fear. But she was terrified of having lip filler. Social media is rammed with photos of already lovely young lips being augmented into unnatural pouts. This isn’t what she wanted. She asked me for help to restore what was lost over time.

I had advised she may need a 2 stage treatment. The first treatment we would concentrate on hydrating the lip and repair the neighbouring soft tissue with 3 syringes of hyaluronic acid dermal filler. In her second session we would create more definition and structure in her lip with another 1 or 2 syringes of filler.

This is her 3 weeks later. She cried with joy when she told me how easy it was to now remove her mask. She declined the second stage of treatment as she is delighted with her results. She now feels comfortable and proud of her appearance and so she should be! She’s a gorgeous lady inside and out! 

This result will probably last 6 months, maybe longer. In my experience it takes about 18 months to return to what was there before. But most want to keep their investment looking good and return when they feel they need a refresh. I usually add a small amount of filler in the lips and add some structural repair around the mouth to keep things looking fresh. Above all else it needs to look natural, soft and mobile.

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