The MINT Thread Lift: The Procedure And Its Results

26/11/21The MINT Thread Lift: The Procedure And Its Results

The MINT Thread Lift is a sought after non surgical tweak that is popular for good reasons.

It gives a great lift to sagging skin so you can achieve definition and contouring of your facial features. Threads have the bonus of stimulating your own collagen that gives the skin a boost of plump dewy skin as your collagen goes into hyperdrive.
The MINT lift has x4 the lift of any other thread in the UK market and is double FDA approved (this means it is very safe and effective). It achieves this by utilising moulded threads that achieves a stronger and longer hold on tissue positioning. This is useful because your collagen knits around the thread, so once the threads dissolve at 6-9 months, you are left with your own natural “thread”. This is what gives your thread-lift longevity beyond that of the life of the thread.
How is a thread lift procedure performed?
Your face is scrupulously cleaned and injected with local anaesthesia. A needle creates a small hole in the desired area and a very fine tube (cannula) with the thread inside is guided just under the skin. It is secured at one end and the moulded wings catch on the tissue and lift it as the cannula is withdrawn. It then is secured in place. Patients are often amazed at how painless the procedure actually is. I will admit it looks invasive and painful, but I’ve had a thread lift myself it is remarkably pain free, if done by an expert medic of course.
What are MINT threads made from?
Polydioxanone (PDO) and this is the type of sutures/ stitches we have used safely for years in the NHS so they have a fantastic safety record. They have the advantage of stimulating your own body’s natural healing process in the targeted area, producing new collagen and elastin (important for plump healthy skin) which enhances your aesthetic results. 
How long does the MINT thread lift last?
This is such a difficult question to answer. It depends on so many factors. On average if your weight is stable, you have a good diet and have a normal rate of ageing then expect it to last 12-24 months. If however you lose or gain weight, you smoke, drink alcohol in excess, have a poor diet or sunbathe regularly your rate of ageing will be accelerated and you may get aesthetic improvements for only 9-12 months. 
What are the side effects from a thread lift? 
If they do happen they are often very short lived (less than 2 weeks). There is the chance of swelling, redness, bruising, dimpling and tenderness. Scrupulous cleanliness and a no touch technique should be employed from a clean clinic. Infected threads are extremely difficult to treat and may need surgery to remove. It is really important to see a medical professional for your procedure.
The MINT Thread Lift In Chester and North Wales
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