Ultrasound use prior to injecting fillers in aesthetics

02/09/21Ultrasound use prior to injecting fillers in aesthetics

Since March 2021 I have been using my aesthetic ultrasound scan to improve my patient’s safety when injecting fillers. I use it to look under the skin to look at vital structures, arteries and previous fillers.

Medical training, a thorough knowledge of anatomy and ultrasonography training is crucial for the appropriate use of this device.

Using it in my daily practice means I drastically reduce the medical risks of “blindly” injecting filler gel into the face. There are high risk areas of the face like the bridge of the nose, base of the nose, frown zone, forehead and temples that have crucial arteries near. If one of these arteries are accidentally injected with filler the resulting medical emergency can be catastrophic for the patient. However by "seeing" the arteries with my ultrasound I can avoid this possibility.

It means I am doing everything possible to reduce the risks for patients whilst safely achieving aesthetic artistry. Why take unnecessary risks?

Today when doing a filler in the under eye area I could see an artery sitting just where I wanted to inject. Needless to say I moved my injection point to a safer area! 

Happy and safe patient= happy doctor!

Ultrasound use in aesthetics is crucial for safe injections of filler! 

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