What is Profhilo Structura?

14/06/24What is Profhilo Structura?

What is Profhilo Structura?

This is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable gel that regenerates subcutaneous fat.  This is a bouncy layer of fat that lies in the layer under the skin proper (where collagen and elastin live).


It is the first product in the aesthetic regenerative market that is proven to stimulate these cells and so has this specific indication.


What does Profhilo Structura treat?

As you would guess, it is particularly good for those who have lost subcutaneous fat from their face. These people often show signs of lost fat by showing signs of facial sinking and sagging. I personally don’t like these terms, but my patients frequently complain about their faces in this way.  I prefer to use the terms “lost volume” or “loose tissue”.


Who would benefit from Profhilo Stuctura?

Those who benefit the most are people who are considered to be ageing in a “lost volume” manner. These are people who:



People who are considered to be ageing in a “loose tissue” manner are those who have:



What is the difference between normal Profhilo and Profhilo Stuctura?

Normal Profhilo creates bio-remodelling of the skin, meaning it stimulates collagen (the building blocks) and elastin (the elastic recoil) of the skin. Profhilo Structura in contrast, regenerates the subcutaneous fat deeper in the skin that gives the deeper tissue “bounce”.


How does it work?

It has a high concentration of high and low molecular weight HA totalling 90mg per 2ml syringe.  When this is injected into the fat plane of the outer aspect of the face by a cannula it spreads and creates fat cells (adipocytes).  It also appears to generate the skin surface.


Is a Profhilo Stuctura treatment painful?

In the right hands it is a very comfortable procedure.  Here at Dr K’s Clinic local anaesthetic and vibration tools are used to maximise your comfort.  After the treatment there is very little down-time.  It has a very good safety profile in the right hands.


How many sessions do I need?

Like the original Prohilo, treatment initially involve 2 session course, 30 days apart. Thereafter to maintain the results 5 monthly repeat treatments may be desired. 


How long does Profhilo Structura last?

People vary a lot.

In those who are post-menopausal, slim, have a lot of UV exposure, smoke/vape, drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week and eat a poor diet will age quicker than those who are not affected by these.

As a rough guide, based on the current evidence from preliminary studies, people may require 4 monthly to-ups.


How much does Profhilo Stuctura cost?

Here In Wrexham/Chester a 2 session course is £700.  Subsequent sessions are £360 per session and is available from the 16th July 2024.


Who is Profhilo Stuctura not suitable for?

Those who have


Can Profhilo original and Profhilo Structura be combined?

Absolutely, yes.  Having both these treatments counteract the physiological decrease of hyaluronic acid in the skin tissue.  In these synergistic treatments you are combining deep hydration with mechanical lifting of the skin.  These treatments harness the body’s regenerative capabilities to enhance skin health, improve appearance and foster a sense of ageing well.  In my experience my patients want to “look well”, NOT different and Profhilo treatments offers natural regenerative results.


How do I book in for. Profhilo Structura?

Our normal working days are: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays and once a month Mondays. Our doctor led aesthetic clinic is set in the countryside between Wrexham and Chester. 

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Kenningham, view availability or get the full address please click : https://www.drkenningham.co.uk/contact-me/#appointments 



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