What is Sculptra?

13/01/22What is Sculptra?
What is Sculptra?
Sculptra is a long lasting semi permanent filler that stimulates your own natural collagen when it is injected. It is fantastic at mimicking the lost volume from bone and soft tissues that occur with ageing and it is great at giving the skin a “sculptra glow” to your skin. Overtime it is broken down by the body into carbon dioxide and water. It has decades of safety data and one of the most loved dermal fillers by many senior medical aesthetic injectors.
How many of Sculptra sessions will I need?
That depends on the concern you want to address. As a general rule if you are in your 60s you may need 6-8 phials delivered in 2 phials in 3 or 4 sessions 6-8 weeks apart. Those in their 30s may just need 2 or 3.
It is great for volumising and strengthening the skin in the temples, cheeks, jawline, marionettes and chin areas.  It can’t be used close to the eyes or in the lips nor can it be reversed like hyaluronic acid fillers, so choose your physician carefully. 
Is having a Sculptra treatment painful?
Like all of the procedures done in my clinic all procedures are done with the minimal amount of discomfort as possible. For sculptra you will have local anaestetic injected in small blobs to allow the cannula to enter the skin. Cannulas are remarkably comfortable (unlike multiple needle injections). The Sculptra phial will also have local anaesthetic incooperated. This makes the whole experience much more comfortable. 
How long is a treatment session and what does it involve?
About 1 to 1 1/2 hours but it depends on the complexity of the treatment plan. I use cannulas extensively but sometimes a particular aesthetic result demands the use of a needle and this is why I use my ultrasound to vascular map prior to injection. In the hands of an experienced and artistic medical injector (like me), the results are natural, fresh looking and long lasting.
How long does Sculptra last?
In general, studies show the volumization effect from Sculptra can lasts 2-3 years. Even though Sculptra and new collagen is still present years later. Your body and face continues to age so the aesthetic effects wear off in line with your rate of ageing. It is usual to have little top ups at 6-12 month intervals to keep the fresh results, rather than wait for it all to go and then start again.
In summary Sculptra is a great long lasting product that a lot of patients love. If you’d like to know if it’s right for you, book in for a consultation with me, Dr Maeve Kenningham, at my boutique relaxed clinic in the North Wales countryside, half way between Chester and Wrexham. Having any aesthetic injectable intervention can be daunting. Take your time and do your research to find the best person for you.
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