It's unlikely that you will hear this coming from my clinic and here's why.

Every year Black Friday flash sales contribute to the huge negative impact that hyper consumerism has on our planet, by encouraging people to purchase things they may not need just to bag a bargain.

Offering a time limited offer on medical aesthetic treatments is considered unethical by the U.K. doctors register, the GMC and may lead to removal of ones medical license. It is indeed against U.K. law to advertise prescription only medicines (Botox, Azzalure, Bocouture), let alone offer cut price time limited incentives! Unfortunately dermal fillers (like Juvederm, Vycross range, Perfectha, Belotero, RHA range) are not prescription only however they really should be considered as such, because more significant problems can occur when injected by those without medical qualification.

In fact whilst on this subject, have you ever wondered why my services are at different price points than, say, Beyoncé in the beauty salon? There is a good reason.

Your face has a multitude of structures including vessels under the surface that connect to the back of the eye. When you pay someone to treat your face you should be paying for their medical expertise, their expert knowledge of aesthetics and their ability to artistically improve your face. You should NOT be looking for someone who has the ability to lift a syringe and plunge it’s contents into your face!

I am a highly skilled GP with specialist knowledge in Dermatology and have reached the pinnacle of my profession as a Royal College of General Practice trainer. I have 9 years of expert aesthetic training with the best in the country and internationally. My medical insurance is expensive. I pay it gladly, as I know it protects us both. I practice aesthetics in a very considered and holistic manner. If you become my patient, your wellbeing is my utmost concern. You are my priority.

I use premium quality products from regulated pharmacies so I know they are legitimate products in terms of performance and safety. If you decide to go ahead with a treatment from me you will get the best possible artistic outcomes from a safe aesthetic doctor. 

Lastly, and in summary, you get service, products and results that are exceptional. Why would you want a face that looked like it was a bargain? A cheap treatment looks cheap, you only have to look at the disfigured lips or badly placed Botox on people who were wanting the lowest cost option. The bitterness of poor quality lasts longer than the thrill of a cheap deal.

I charge a fair price as it is and this is why I don’t ‘do’ offers. 

In fact, on second thoughts, I really should increase my prices!

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