Covid-19 and re-opening!

06/06/20Covid-19 and re-opening!

Re-opening of Dr K’s Clinic.

Based on all the information I have from government, the general medical profession and from Aesthetic Doctor professional bodies, I shall be opening from the 1st of July.

Why now?

We in the medical profession understand more about this virus, how patients get infected and who is most likely to get ill. Realistically, this virus will be in the community for several years to come and we shall need to adapt our enviornment to deal with it. With my medical training, my interactions and connections with medical virology specialists and my reading of scientific papers, I have taken a great deal of time considering how to open my clinic in the safest possible way. I have chosen the 1stJuly as it corresponds with the opening of dental practices in Wales to non-emergency care. As it stands, as a doctor providing medical care, I could have stayed open throughout the lockdown, however I felt I didn't have enough information or procedures in place for your safety, until now. 

What am I doing to protect you, me and other patients from catching Covid-19 at my clinic?

  1. I regularly review the medical evidence and literature about this virus and our local R number. If there is anything that concerns me, I may close the clinic at short notice but you will be notified about this and the reasons why.
  2. I now have a separate dedicated aesthetic clinic building in my grounds that has been built to high clinical standards, which I know you would expect from a doctor lead aesthetic skin clinic.
  3. I have systems in place that comply with Public Health Wales and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations for virucidal disinfection and personal protective equipment used before, during and after any patient interaction. I have even taken further steps to keep our face-to-face interaction to a minimum with a pre-clinic appointment consultation. Did you know speaking disperses 10 times the number of viral particles more than breathing? And that 44% of infections are caused by infection from asymptomatic people? Unfortunately you may not be immune to further infection if you’ve already had this disease, so you can not assume you will not get sick again.
  4. I have installed a sophisticated air exchange system that, according to expert medical opinion, will remove 99.9% of airborne contaminants within 21 minutes (this is quicker than the standard recommendations for hospital theatres). This is an indication of how much I value your safety in my clinic. 
  5. Please toilet before you set off for your appointment. The act of flushing the toilet can aerosolize viral particles, therefore my toilet facilities will be temporarily out of service.
  6. At present, I only have capacity for my current patients, however I will open up the clinic to new patients in due course. I shall make my booking system public after opening appointment slots to my current patients. I value your loyalty. 
  7. For the time being, I have chosen to only perform procedures that last 20 minutes, but in time I shall continue to complete pre-existing packages with dermal fillers etc.
  8. The clinic is not taking bookings just yet. If you want to go on my waiting list please contact me by email Or by phoning or texting the office phone number 07711190079.

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