Dermal filler in temples

14/05/21Dermal filler in temples

Can you spot the difference? 

Yes it’s the same person. In the second photo she looks like she could be a teenager or in her early 20s. Look at the temples. It’s subtle I know. But the temple area is often ignored by patients. But if you look at the ageing face you will see hollows forming in the temples and the face takes on a tired appearance. It’s because the skeleton and soft tissue is depleting in volume in that area (and others) every year whether we loose or gain weight. It’s a skilled and experienced aesthetic medic who can see these changes and gracefully replenish them, and hey presto, you will look a fresher and younger.


But we aesthetic medics are very anxious about injecting this area as we know there is a very critical artery travelling through this area and we must avoid injecting directly into it at all costs. Unfortunately some of you may have seen on Instagram the complications associated with unintentionally injecting into an artery #leahmortonx. Thing is, yes we know what planes it usually travels through and  skilled medical fingers can palpate it, but we won’t be able to tell at what depth of the skin it sits. 


This is why I use my medical ultrasound scan to map the location of this artery and others in the face so I can avoid injecting into them.


Safety is king, so why take risks?


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