What is Ellansé?

This is a type of dermal filler called a bio-stimulator. This means when injected it causes your own body’s natural collagen and elastin to become activated and this can deliver really great long lasting natural rejuvenating results of the face and neck.


How long does it last?

The tiny little microspheres in the methylcellulose gel are engineered to last from 1 year right up to 4 years but this depends on the product chosen. These beads degrade into water and carbon dioxide so it is a very natural product. However, even when the beads have disappeared the aesthetic improvements from your own collagen lasts much longer. For example the 12 months Ellansé S product can give results for over 18 months!


Are there any downsides?

Yes, and this is the case for all types of filler. This is why you need an expert medical injector who will take all the medical precautions to ensure you do not have any problems. But in the event that one arises, because it is foolish to assume they never will, they should be able to deal with them within the scope of their medical experience. This is why it is best to always choose the best medical person as your injector.


What areas can you treat with Ellansé?

Ellansé is best considered if you need a holistic rejuvenation as we age in a global manner from bone to fat pads and to skin. It is a fabulous product for creating structure and providing a skin glow but it cannot be used in the lips or in the tear trough area of the face.


Where can I find someone to assess me to see if I am right for Ellansé?

The Ellansé website lists local medical providers. Dr Maeve is an experienced aesthetic doctor who has used Ellansé for around 7 years. She has a clinic in Burton, near Rossett, which is half way between Chester and Wrexham. There is a handy booking app on her website. Just click here for the link https://www.drkenningham.co.uk/contact-me/#appointments

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