I really enjoyed giving this virtual lip filler talk to my Medical Aesthetic Peers.

01/03/21I really enjoyed giving this virtual lip filler talk to my Medical Aesthetic Peers.

It was an absolute pleasure to do this lip filler teaching session for the Aesthetics Academy and Cheshire International School of Cosmetology training.

It’s up to all of us to perfect our injecting game by understanding not only the lips but also the role they play in classical and newly discovered ratios that define attractiveness and beauty. There's a lot more to lip fillers than simply sticking a needle in and pressing a plunger. Bigger lips does not mean better looking lips. The lips should be seen in relation to the rest of the face. Lip filler treatments should be face rejuvenating and should move naturally when in motion. If you understand filler rheology and the anatomy of the lips and apply this to your injecting technique, you will delight your patients.

I wish someone had condensed all this lip knowledge into a 40 minute video for me when I was starting out all those years ago. So that’s what I set out to deliver in my talk which can be found here: https://e-sthetics-online.thinkific.com

I hope, by watching this video, you feel you can improve your lip filler results as this in turn improves Aesthetic Medicine’s reputation. It means you, your patient and all of us in the industry raise our standards. 

If you are a medical aesthetic practitioner around Chester, Wrexham, Cheshire and North wales, I would recommend the fantastic peer support group Aesthetics Academy and Cheshire International School of Cosmetology. There you will get to perfect your Botox and dermal filler skills and also get to hear of Aesthetic Medicine news to make sure you are keeping abreast of new techniques and products. The group meet monthly (when restrictions permit it) in Chester. I'm proud to be an invited educator and active member there.

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