My top 5 treatments that give you the best bang for your buck

16/04/20My top 5 treatments that give you the best bang for your buck

We are all money savvy, we have to be these days. Costs are going up but the majority of our wages are slower to rise, especially if you, like me, work in the public services sector. So we need to know what aesthetic treatments out there will give us the best result for our cash. So I have compiled a list of top 5 aesthetic treatments that give you the best bang for your buck. These in reverse order are:

5. Plasma machine treatments.

This little machine sublimates the skin with an electrical current when your skin is numbed. When used it is a cheap and reliable way of getting rid of those stuck on warty growths like seborrhoeic warts that stick onto the face and indeed anywhere on the body when we age. We can become self-conscious about them and our eyes are drawn to them when we see photos of ourselves. Blemish free skin really refreshes the face. Also the plasma can give great eyelid reductions called a ‘non-surgical blepharoplasty’. If you are sick of not being able to put your eye-shadow on properly then this is for you. It’s a great treatment but has a higher price tag for eyelid reduction as repeat treatments are needed, but for lesion removal it often takes just one blast.


4. Fat dissolving injections under the chin.

This treatment can give fabulous results in the right person. You kow that stubborn pocket of fat that grows under the chin as we age, so you lose your jawline definition? Do you hate it? Well it can be dissolved with a prescription only injectable treatment but you need a medical consultation to see if it right for you. I use Aqualyx injections in this area. There’s nothing more fresh looking than a taught looking jawline and it’s surprisingly affordable.


3. Peels.

These are relatively cheap way of giving you a smoother fresher complexion without any needles! These peels are clever at disrupting the bonds that keep old skin cells (that almost resemble dried leaves) when they should have shed off weeks ago. These old cells at the surface of your skin give the appearance of dry, crinkled and dull skin. After just one peel you can then see the younger, plumper skin cells that allow the light to bounce off your face. This is why you look radiant after your peel! And yes there is scientific proof they also reduce pigment and boost your skin’s building blocks. Cleopatra bathed in lactic acid, which is a naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl-acid in milk. This acid is just one of the milder chemical constituents of a peel, there are others. Was her radiance the reason why Caesar and Mark Anthony fell in love with her?? Maybe. Get yourself a peel, you wont regret it. 


2. Dermal fillers.

Yes they get a bad press! Both warranted but I’d argue mostly unwarranted.

Warranted because anyone without any validated qualifications can inject your face legally. It is legal in the UK for anyone can pick up a syringe of filler and plunge this gel into your face. Yes really. Unfortunately creases often appear over critical facial arteries that if blocked can have disastrous medical consequences. Also, in my opinion, it seems there are plenty of people out there who are giving their patients a very odd and unnatural treatments, resulting in clones of people with big lips and big cheeks. No wonder people are scared of being disfigured with this treatment!


However, I would say filler treatments in expert, medical and artistic hands can be so very life enriching. They can restore facial symmetry and replace lost hydration and volume that ageing has depleted. These are the reasons why surgical face-lifts are a thing of the past! These treatments can result in minimal, if any, down-time, they are safer than surgery and are at a fraction of the cost. It really is amazing what can be achieved. This is why these are my second best bang for buck!


1: Botox!

This is such a great treatment and no surprise it tops my list. This treatment is only available after a medical consultation as it may not be right for you. Yes, there is a skill to it; working out who is suitable, where exactly to inject, how to dose it so it doesn’t look fake and how to avoid the heavy eyebrow. However, once the assessment is done, it takes very little time to do the injecting, there is no down time and it gives such a fabulous natural rejuvenation. I get so excited when I see my patient’s faces and grin 2 weeks later!  This is why this takes the prize of best bang for buck!


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