Reasons to have aesthetic treatments

30/04/23Reasons to have aesthetic treatments

In a study conducted by Sinclair Pharma of more than 10,000 women worldwide found that 60% are open to dermal filler treatments but social judgement is a barrier for almost a quarter. 

I find this so sad, in an era of female empowerment, that there is a perception that society would judge you negatively if you feel good about yourself after an aesthetic treatment?

Why do we wash our hair, shave or put makeup on? We do it to feel better about ourselves. Like it or not, studies show people respond positively to beauty and youth. This improves societal interactions, chances of finding a mate and achieving professional goals. Ageing is a natural process but a destructive force on our tissues. In my opinion, looking after your face is not a vanity, it’s safeguarding your physical, psychological and social health.

If you feel you don’t like what you see in the mirror or in photographs, do something about it. Treatments such as fillers can beautify and restore your natural attractiveness. 

Celebrate this method of self-care and hopefully you’ll tell everyone who asks why you look so good.  You’ll be delighted you did.

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