Was this medical journal paper written with me in mind?

06/02/21Was this medical journal paper written with me in mind?

Everyone should know by now dermal filler injected into a facial artery=bad news! A medic can deal with these straight away with an emergency injection and other medication.

Key points from this paper:
Your risk of having filler injected into an artery is very low if:
1- your skin doctor injects with a cannula rather than a needle
2- your skin doctor has been qualified for more than 22 years
3- your skin doctor has been injecting fillers for more than 5 years

Was this written with me in mind?
1- I use cannulas in the majority of treatments. For some indications needles are needed but arteries are located beforehand.
2- I qualified in 1996 (jeez I’m old ;0).
3- I started my aesthetic clinic in 2012 and have been injecting Botox and dermal fillers ever since.
So seriously people, the first step of reducing your chances of running into problems is choosing someone who is qualified to look after you.

This paper also states that it’s the arteries in the lips and nasolabial (nose to mouth) lines that are the most likely to be accidentally injected.

It’s not illegal for those who have no or minimal medical knowledge to inject fillers. Want a fresher face? Make an educated decision that you won’t regret. Choose wisely.

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